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Haidy Carrasquillo, MD

Board Certified

Dr. Haidy Carrasquillo Rodriguez was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, where she obtained her medical degree from San Juan Bautista Medical School in 1998. Her passion for helping others was evident from a very young age; every time someone got hurt in the baseball field across from her house, she would rush back home to find band aids to tend to those wounds.

Dr. Carrasquillo has had an impressive career with important roles across a variety of medical fields and settings, including emergency care, hospice and geriatric care. As a US Army Reserve veteran, she earned the Army Achievement Medal for her contributions as part of the Medical Unit 369 at Fort Buchanan.

For Dr. Carrasquillo, medicine is extremely personal and that’s why she believes that in order to truly achieve better health, doctors and patients need to forge a strong bond of trust and respect. She is a big believer that “challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful”, and with this mindset, she wants to be part of a transformation of healthcare that SaludVIP is leading.

On behalf of Dr. Carrasquillo and SaludVIP, we thank you for choosing us as your partner in the pursuit of better health!


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Top Three Keys To Better Health!

Better Health does not just happen; it must be actively pursued.

Partner with a great doctor
and medical team.

A medical team actively engaged and
interested in maintaining your health is key.

See your medical team
for preventative care too.

“Sick-care” is the old way,
but “Health-care” is the new way!

Pursue an
active/healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle can be an adventure – new activities, new recipes and even new friends!

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