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We are very excited to be able to see you in the office again for your appointment. As part of our reopening, we’ve made a few changes.

The changes are simple but important in order to keep everyone safe.

  • Prior to your appointment, we will screen all patients and visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 before allowing entry into the clinic per the CDC’s guidelines.
  • The day of your visit, we are going to ask you to call the office after you arrive in our parking lot and safely park your car to let us know you arrived safely and are on your way to the door.
  • Our team will meet you at the door as we are keeping our lobby area private right now for safety.
  • Once you are in the lobby, we will take your temperature with a scanner and ask you the same questions we went through earlier in the call about COVID-19. When that is done we will take you to your exam room where the doctor will see you.
  • As part of the safety, we are asking that our patients bring no visitors with them unless we know about them ahead of time.
  • We also want to ask you to wear a cloth face covering as these are being recommended now when you are out and about. If you don’t have one, no worries. We will give you a mask when we meet you at the door.
  • We look forward to seeing you soon. If for any reason you wake up in the morning and don’t feel well, call us before you come and we will let your doctor know. Until then, remember to wash your hands often and be safe.
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