A Healthy Brain: 8 Tips To Staying Mentally Fit As You Age

A Healthy Brain: 8 Tips To Staying Mentally Fit As You Age

All your life, you’ve heard that you should exercise regularly to stay healthy, but you don’t hear much about staying mentally fit. When we’re younger, such a task isn’t so hard. But as you age, that starts to change. It’s never too late to start living a healthier life.

These tips are designed to help you stay mentally fit as you age:

1. Read More

Look, you’re doing that right now. Reading keeps the mind sharp. In fact, the scientific journal Neurology reported that reading and writing more in your later years resulted in a 32% decrease in the likelihood of memory loss and cognitive decline.

2. Feed Your Brain

A healthy diet is one of the most pivotal factors in staying mentally fit. Reducing dairy and red meat consumption has been shown to improve your overall health and your brain health. Eat a diet filled with whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, vegetables, and fruit.

3. Get Moving

You knew this was coming. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean exercise goes out the window. In fact, it’s more important than ever.

Want to know an interesting fact? The simple act of walking sends shockwaves up from the foot, stimulating your arteries. This gets more blood to your brain and therefore more oxygen. This results in a healthier brain.

4. Touch Your Toes

Just like walking helps with increased cerebral circulation (that’s the flow of blood to your brain), so does stretching. Why? Because as we age, our circulation isn’t what it used to be. With all that walking you’re about to do, you should make sure you’re in the best shape to do that.

5. Get Social

Loneliness can truly hamper someone’s brain health. Cambridge conducted an interesting study where they followed seniors for over a decade and found that those with a busy social life had a 70% lower cognitive decline.

6. Listen To Music

Music has been shown to improve the mind. You hear a song and it can transport you back in time, bring about a memory you had forgotten all about. There is a strong tie between our relationship to music and our memory.

7. Learn A New Language

You might be questioning this one. Why learn a new language if you might never get to visit the country of origin for language? Learning a new language trains the brain to think more quickly, fine-tuning your processing skills.

8. Find A New Hobby

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. It’s true. We have to constantly exercise our minds. One way to do that is to start a new hobby. Our hobbies tend to shift as we get older. We find ourselves having to branch out and do things we might not have done when we were younger.

Prevents Kidney Diseases

Prevents Kidney Diseases

Your kidneys are critical for achieving Better Health. Every 30 minutes, your kidneys filter all the blood in your body. They remove waste, toxins, and excess fluid. Most people have two kidneys, but you can live with one (or less).

Prevents kidney diseases
Prevents kidney diseases

5 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Drink plenty of fluids (64 ounces of water daily) to help flush your kidneys.

Don’t smoke. Smoking slows blood flow to your kidneys, which can reduce their function.

Eat healthy, low-fat foods and exercise to reduce your risk of high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Limit the use of over-the-counter painkillers, like ibuprofen and naproxen, as these drugs can harm your kidneys.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, be sure to have your kidney function monitored regularly.

What are the benefits of flu vaccination?

What are the benefits of flu vaccination?

An annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to help protect against flu. Vaccination has been shown to have many benefits including reducing the risk of flu illnesses and hospitalizations.

1. A flu shot can save your life:

The flu can cause some serious complications that sometimes require hospitalization, such as dehydration, worsening of chronic illnesses, bacterial pneumonia, ear infections and sinus infections.

2. Shot helps with herd immunity:

If we all get immunizations, of course we can’t spread the virus elsewhere, so we’re all protected from it.

3. Most people are eligible to get the flu shot:

Everyone should get an influenza (flu) vaccine every season, especially after the age of 55.

4. The flu shot changes each year:

Before each flu season, the CDC determines which strains of influenza appear to most likely to occur that year. The vaccine will still reduce your chances of contracting certain strains of the virus and if you do get sick, having the vaccine can significantly reduce the severity of your symptoms.

5. You won’t get the flu from the flu shot:

A common misconception is that you can contract the flu from a flu vaccine, but that is not possible because the shot uses a deadened form of the virus.


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Breast Cancer Prevention: How to Reduce Your Risk

Breast Cancer Prevention: How to Reduce Your Risk

If you’re concerned about developing breast cancer, you might be wondering if there are steps you can take to help prevent breast cancer. Some risk factors, such as family history, can’t be changed. However, there are lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk.

What can I do to reduce my risk of breast cancer?

Limit alcohol: The more alcohol you drink, the greater your risk of developing breast cancer. The general recommendation is to limit yourself to no more than one drink a day, as even small amounts increase risk.

Maintain a healthy weight: If your weight is healthy, work to maintain that weight. If you need to lose weight, ask your doctor about healthy strategies to accomplish this. Reduce the number of calories you eat each day and slowly increase the amount of exercise.

Be physically active: Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight, which helps prevent breast cancer. Most healthy adults should aim for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity.

Be vigilant about Breast Cancer Detection: If you notice any changes in your breasts, such as a new lump or skin changes, schedule an appointment with us. Also, ask your doctor when to begin mammograms and other screening based on your personal history.

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Three Tips to Take Care of Your Health Every Day

Three Tips to Take Care of Your Health Every Day

Your Doctor’s tips

When it comes to talking with your doctor, it’s important to know that nothing is “off limits”. Many people hold back important information from their healthcare providers out of fear of being judged or embarrassed. In some cases, failure to disclose information to your doctor can have serious consequences for your health.

At SaludVIP, our providers are here to help you take preventive measures to protect your health and improve your well-being. Schedule a preventive appointment with us!

Families who share everyday activities together form strong, emotional ties.

Track your day: Track your eating habits

MyFitnessPal is one of the best food tracking apps available. The food diary includes an easy-to-use database that offers nutrition information for millions of different foods, including restaurant meals. Users are able to set their personal goals and the app will take that and break down the amount of calories to take in each day and how much water to drink.

Live healthy: The Importance of Spending Time Together

Families who share everyday activities together form strong, emotional ties. Studies have found that families who enjoy group activities together share a stronger emotional bond as well as an ability to adapt well to situations as a family. Share your favorite hobbies, sports, books, movies or other favorite activities.

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